Corporate Catering Ideas For Your Next Staff Lunch

Over the past few years, corporate catering has ventured into a number of different food avenues. It’s no longer a case of simple catering platters and buffet hot trays – where every corporate event has the same style of food. In a world where fine dining and street food compete for attention, successful caterers know that corporate catering can be almost anything the client wants it to be. My previous manager told me one way of increasing the productivity of your employees is treating them for a staff lunches.

When it comes to events like a corporate lunch (be it for the in-house team or clients), there are so many catering options, from ethnic themed dining to lunch on the go. Looking for something a little different next time you have to organise the team lunch? Why not up the ante and hire professional caterers to show your staff appreciation!

Here are some (yummy!) catering ideas for what might make up the perfect corporate lunch:

1. Sandwiches are always a great option for lunch and they don’t have to be boring or standard. Whole wheat wraps or seeded low-GI loaf can be used instead of standard bread. Or a croissant if banting is not your thing (click here if it is). Fillings are a chance to mix things up – think half egg mayo with roast chicken and bacon. Or biltong, cream cheese, and cucumber. Or tinned tuna and crunchy celery. Hungry yet?

2. Bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and avocado wrap. Enough said.

3. Not a meat fan? Sandwich or salad, chickpeas are a great alternative and they taste delish.

4. Noodle salads are much more on trend than the boring old lettuce version. Not one for noodles? You could always go with a veggie or three bean pasta – delicious hot or cold.

5. Seed crackers with olive tapas, hummus, or cream cheese make for a tasty snack while a handful of grapes and a small yogurt are a naturally sweet end to a light lunch. Or let the caterer make suggestions on what will best suit your needs and budget.

6. Take your cue from the Japanese and order up Bento boxes – there are hundreds of options from a deconstructed chicken and barley salad to ‘naked’ (ditch the bun) black bean burgers served on a pile of marinated peppers. Let your caterer’s imagination run wild and your taste buds are sure to be delighted.

7. For dessert, fruit is always a good option and consider some fun alternatives like peanut butter and banana roll-ups (they’re not just for kids!). Be sure to keep all of the fruity elements separate as that will ensure they stay fresh and moreish.